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watch your website and other systems and be alerted if it goes down.

Monitor Postgresql with Nagios

Monitor Postgresql Connections with Nagios

The other day, we had an issue with one of our PostgreSQL databases where one of our applications wasn’t closing its unused connections. We tripled the max_connections and it used all of those up too. While I was monitoring the…

Install Cacti on CentOS 6

Install Cacti On CentOS 6

Cacti is a great tool for graphing almost anything that talks SNMP. You can use it to graph server performance, file system usage, router interfaces, bandwidth usage, temperature, etc…  Because so many have created their own templates for it, there…

Monitor Apache Usage

Monitor Apache Processes at

Get Detailed Performance Information from Apache You may be looking for a microscope into your Apache httpd service to see how many users you have using it, get performance information, and see the current individual Apache httpd processes and what…

Nagios Remote Plugins with NRPE

Nagios: Setup Nagios NRPE

Nagios Remote Plugins with NRPE Two weeks ago, we setup Nagios in the article: Monitoring Your Systems with Nagios and last week, we defined Nagios hosts and services in the article: Configure Nagios Hosts and Services.   This week, we will…

Configure Nagios Hosts and Services

Monitoring Your Systems with Nagios

  Now that you have Nagios installed (See last week’s article:  “Monitoring Your Systems with Nagios” ), you are ready to begin monitoring services such as ssh, websites, and other services.  So that brings us to the purpose of this…