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PostgreSQL Replication


PostgreSQL Replication Options So, with all of the other articles that I have written about Postgresql, I figured that it was inevitable that we finally get one written about replication.  What makes an article about Postgresql replication difficult is that…

Setup DynECT Dynamic DNS

Use Dynamic DNS to send traffic to up nodes to protect uptime

There are some things in life that don’t make any difference to you when everything is good.  But suddenly make you happier when there is a problem.  For me, DynECT Managed DNS traffic management is one of these.  It doesn’t…

Choose a Link Balancer

Choose a Link Balancer to manage uptime over multiple ISPs

ISP Outage Anybody with any IT experience will tell you that at some point, you will have ISP issues. Depending on the issue you could be down anywhere from just minutes to hours. I once had an issue with a…