Don’t Forget Sysadmin Day! Last Friday in July

Celebrate SysAdmin Day - July 25, 2014

Celebrate SysAdmin Day – July 25, 2014

What began as kind of a joke 15 years ago by Ted Kekatos, has steadily become an important office holiday.  While he had no intention to create a lasting holiday, it happened anyway.  Now systems geeks and nerds all across the world are recognizing the last Friday of July as their day.  While Hallmark is still to get on board, this day has huge parties where you can meet and celebrate with other System Administrators.

In fact, a song has even been created for this special day.



If you are not a SysAdmin, a system administrator somewhere, someplace deserves your thanks!

July 25th, 2014 – 15th Annual SysAdmin Day

Friday, July 25, 2014 is the day!  Find a way to show them that their efforts matter to the organization and to you.

Some system administrator put together your organization’s network, pulled cables, configured addresses and routers and hostnames, protects everything from internet attacks, has a disaster recovery plan in place, worries about cooling, redundant power, all at 2am when paged.

Your system administrator works tirelessly to keep your organization’s critical systems that everybody needs up and running.  While everybody else goes home after their workday, your system administrator is still on the job.  They respond to alerts throughout the day and night.  They fight off cyber attacks, design fault tolerant systems, climb into printers to pull out the jams, find ways to provide efficiency throughout the organization with effective systems.  They do all of this while dealing with severe budget constraints and without anybody else in the organization understanding their challenges.

Show Your Appreciation to Your System Administrator

This year find a way to show your appreciation.  Buy them a pizza, send them a nice thank you.  You can even use this link to send them a nice SysAdmin Day Card:

What Did You Do For Your System Administrator?

If you did something nice for your system administrator, we could all use your idea.  Brag about it in the comments section below.

How Did You Celebrate SysAdmin Day?

If you are a system administrator and did something to celebrate SysAdmin day, tell us what you did?  Fill out a comment below.

Other Resources About System Administrator Day:

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