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Jeff has 20 years of professional IT experience, having done nearly everything in his roles of IT consultant, Systems Integrator, Systems Engineer, CNOC Engineer, Systems Administrator, Network Systems Administrator, and IT Director. If there is one thing he knows for sure, it is that there is always a simple answer to every IT problem and that downtime begins with complexity. Seasoned IT professional by day, Jeff hopes to help other IT professionals by blogging about his experiences at night on his blog: You can find Jeff on or LinkedIn at: LinkedIn or Twitter at: Twitter

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2 comments for “Contact Us

  1. manoj
    March 18, 2015 at 2:40 am


    Nice article about the ruckus install. We current have a setup of 5 engenius high power access points to cover a two story building made of stucco, 2nd floor has an hallway. We’ve set each access point apart enough to cover and are leaving 5 channels apart.

    We have purchased 5 rockus 7363 access points as an upgrade. We would like to consider a poe switch, what would you recommend? Currently we are using injectors to power our engenius APS, which will be removed once the ruckus are configures. By the way, we will be configuring each in stand alone. We have a gateway which manages an internal lan IP address separate from our WiFi IP address which is my mikrotek.

    I’d appreciate any and all help. We have PM rcgased these nice access points used, I read a lot of good things about them and like that they are commerical grade dual band access points.

  2. April 1, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    I am glad that you liked the article. I suspect that any POE switch would work. I used a Dell 3548p switch. Be sure that the switch can handle the throughput that you will be running through your wireless system.

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