Configure DHCP on Cisco Routers

When you are running a very small business, you often don’t have the time to mess with having a centralized windows or mac directory server handle your DHCP for you.  In these cases, if you happen to have a Cisco router, you can configure DHCP on your Cisco router so that it will manage the DHCP services for you.  Here’s how you would configure dhcp on cisco routers:

Step 1 – ssh login, get on the console, or use telnet if that is enabled to the cisco router

# ssh -l <username> <ipaddress of the Cisco router>

Step 2 – Enter configuration mode 

myrouter# config t

Step 3 – Configure the network addresses that will not be assigned to DHCP clients:

myrouter(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address

Step 4 – Configure the DHCP Pool – including the network, domain-name, dns-servers, the default router and the length of the lease:

ip dhcp pool MYDHCPPOOL
lease 0 12

Step 5 – Save the router configuration for the next boot:

myrouter(config)# exit
myrouter# wr mem


That’s it.  It should be up and working.  Please be careful not to have 2 different servers supplying DHCP addresses on the same network.  This will get very confusing for all of the DHCP clients and will likely cause a broadcast storm leading to nothing working well on your network.  If this does occur to you, simply assign your workstation a static address and log back into the router and change the first command in step 4 to be:

myrouter(config)# no dhcp pool MYDHCPPOOL

which should turn off dhcp on your router until you can turn off DHCP on the other DHCP server.

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